About Us


Mill Creek's unique "condo style" design and construction allows you to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle with such features as:

Superior Sound Conditioning = Quiet Living

Many apartment renters' expectations regarding living in a quiet residence are not met with traditional construction techniques. (Especially those who are moving from homes.) Mill Creek Kalamazoo Michigan apartments are designed with 2x6 walls versus 2x4 walls to provide you with not only better sound proofing, but energy savings as well. Thick batten insulation is provided to minimize any sound travel between apartment homes.

Upgraded Hallways

Are really extensions of your living area for you and your guests to enjoy. The warm oak banisters, upscale carpeting, and angled entryways provide a quality residential statement.

Over-sized Garages (Optional)

Large individual garages are available with electric lighting. Wider (9 foot) garage doors provide you with extra room and ease your automobile parking.

Limited Walk Up Design

Traditional Kalamazoo Michigan apartments are constructed as three story walk up buildings; Our unique hallway designs prevent you from ever having to walk up or down more than one flight of stairs to your home. This saves you lots of time and effort in your daily life.

Small Community/Spacious Grounds Living

We have limited our community to only 172 apartment homes to create a higher end residential environment. This provides less traffic, density, and more personal service for you to enjoy the "quality of life" you deserve.

Locally Owned - Superior Senior Staff

Mill Creek apartment Homes in Kalamazoo is locally developed, owned and managed by the Campbell Caron Group, which has been in business for 25 years. Our accredited on site management team prides itself with over 100 years of in depth technical support experience. This experience provides you with a higher level of 24 hour on call maintenance support staff for the highest level of customer satisfaction; when all is said and done it is service that counts.

Home Buyers Club

Because Campbell Caron Group is also a licensed real estate broker and a home builder, we provide you with the unique opportunity to join our Mill Creek Home Buyers Club. This allows you to earn home purchase credits each month which you can apply towards your new or existing home in the greater Kalamazoo area. Imagine an upscale apartment community that plans for your housing future with earned down payment credits. We have helped many Mill Creek Kalamazoo Michigan apartments residents make home ownership a reality with our unique program.

We take Service Seriously

Our in depth service maintenance staff is committed to providing you with prompt and appropriate service. This includes contingency/ back up plans to address occasional time sensitive service issues to replace appliances, etc. if parts can not be identified within a reasonable time period. Our ultimate goal is to make your living experience at Mill Creek Apartment Homes Kalamazoo Michigan a memorable one. Why do we do this? To please you, and gain more new residents from your referrals.

Apartment Referral/ Reward Program

Yes as a Mill Creek Resident, you are entitled to participate in our resident referral program which currently offers $125 for every friend/coworker or family member you refer that becomes an actual resident. You will love living here. It is easy to do. Many residents tell us that their special reward $$ is used for holiday purchases.